BDS (Edin) MFDS MFGDP (UK) DPDS (Brist) Dip PCOrth RCS(Eng) MDTFEd. AssocCGDent)

Paul is the first dentist in Ireland and 1 of only 2 dentists in the UK, to gain Accreditation by the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the first to be recommended/endorsed by both the Irish and Dental Societies of Dental Sleep Medicine.

“I have always appreciated the importance of a quality night’s sleep for physical and mental well being- not only for the individual but for their sleeping partner and family as well. Each of my patients has a story of how their sleep disorder was destroying their relationships, health, energy and their ability to think and work clearly.

To see the life changing effects better sleep has on a family is the most rewarding outcome I have experienced - it drives me in my enthusiasm to learn more and be the best.”

Dr Paul Reaney


Paul is a Dentist with Special Interest in Orthodontics and has successfully incorporated a Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic, Snoring SolutionsNI, within his general practice.

He gained accreditation by examination to the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and is currently a Committee member of the Irish Society of Dental Sleep Medicine.

His implementation of digital technology in Dental Sleep Medicine and his workflow have been recognised by winning the:

  • Best Digital Practice at the 2019 International Digital Dentistry Awards
  • Winner of the Best High Technology Practice category in the 2020 Irish Dental Awards.
  • Winner of the Best Dental Practice category ( Scotland & Northern Ireland) in the UK Private Dentistry Awards 2020
  • Highly Commended for Best Patient Care ( Scotland & Northern Ireland) in the UK Private Dentistry Awards 2020
  • Winner of the Irish Dental Awards 2022 High Technology category
  • Highly Commended Best Patient Care Irish Dental Awards 2022

really understood the importance of a good nights sleep

"I have found that seeking help with sleep issues/snoring often is daunting and worrisome. With snoring solutions NI I can honestly say that your sleep issue is dealt with seriously and with utter professionalism. With my sleep problem, they went out of their way to help and really understood the importance of a good nights sleep. I am extremely impressed with their service, knowledge and willingness to help. "

Dr Sriram Iyer


Dr Sriram Iyer is a Consultant Respiratory & Sleep Physician based in Sheffield.
He is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sheffield.

He leads the sleep and ventilation service at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals which has one of the largest sleep services in the North of England servicing around 3000 patients annually. He runs a complex respiratory and neurology sleep clinic and leads the acute non-invasive ventilation service at Northern General Hospital. His areas of interest include complex sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, parasomnias and other rare disorders of sleep.

He is the Chief Investigator in a major study funded by Pfizer/BMS examining the role of sleep apnoea in cardiac arrhythmias. He has consulted for Welsh Rugby, Bangor University and British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine. He sits on the councils of the Royal Society of Medicine (Sleep) and British Thoracic Society.

In the private world, he leads a team of physiologists, psychologists and other sleep technicians who are committed to providing reliable, timely, expert advice for patients. He has access to simple and complex diagnostics which are all home-based and specific treatments for sleep apnoea (CPAP) and insomnia.



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