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Life changing results

Heather was diagnosed with sleep apnea for her migraines and snoring. Lynda discovered she suffered from sleep apnea after she had a stroke. Today, they are living vastly different lives, having been successfully treated with an oral appliance.

fantastic from start to finish

Dr Reaney fitted me with a bespoke dental appliance that has transformed my sleep - I used to be a terrible snorer and now I no longer do I snore (at all)! My partner is forever grateful.
I used to wake up gasping for air, heart racing and now that is all resolved. My daytime alertness and even memory feels better since having the appliance fitted. The process was fantastic from start to finish and Dr Reaney was very upfront about the potential benefits, risks and likelihood of success right from the start.

Thanks again to Dr Reaney for transforming my sleep into something I actually look forward to!


immediate success

I just wanted to thank Paul Reaney and his team at Markethill dentristry !!

I made an appointment with Paul about my snoring and he made me an anti snoring device which was an immediate success in reducing my snoring noise!!

Snoring can be an embarrassment issue but Paul and his team always put me at ease and constantly guided me with phone calls and emails to make sure the device was working !!

My husband and I are both able to get a good nights sleep now!! It has been a complete game changer because my snoring was causing a lot of problems between my husband and I !!

I am so thankful and grateful to Paul and his team !! It was always a pleasure to go to his clinic for my appointments!!

I would encourage anyone like me that has a snoring issues not to be embarrassed and to contact Paul !! I know I’m so glad I did 😄

Thank you

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really understood the importance of a good nights sleep

"I have found that seeking help with sleep issues/snoring often is daunting and worrisome. With snoring solutions NI I can honestly say that your sleep issue is dealt with seriously and with utter professionalism. With my sleep problem, they went out of their way to help and really understood the importance of a good nights sleep. I am extremely impressed with their service, knowledge and willingness to help. "

my life has been transformed

I’ve had sleeping problems this last 4 years. I had been constantly complaining to my doctors.
But then a friend of mine, after going away with me said, 'I know why your constantly tired you have sleep Apnea!’.
I had no idea what this meant or how serious it can be. It took approximately a year to get this diagnosis confirmed, my nhs consultant actually recommended Paul to me.

I contacted Paul stright away and he seen me out of hours within 24 hours. He recommended me an appliance to suit me, took impressions of my mouth and made me a temporary appliance all in that first appointment.

Fantastic service and now I’ve been using my Narvel CC appliance at night since February my life has been transformed. I’m no longer permanently tired. I actually feel refreshed after I waken up. I’ve so much more energy.

The difference is remarkable , the appliance is easy to use and comfortable. I’m totally grateful to Paul, his approach is so kind and considerate. Dr Paul Reaney absolutely goes the extra mile for his patients. 5 stars isn’t enough!!

The immediate effect was no more snoring.

"So I went to see Dr Paul Reaney in Markethill, Co. Armagh not very hopeful of a solution to my snoring 😴. Following a number of appointments, I was fitted with a "mouth guard" bespoke to me. The immediate effect was no more snoring.

I'm also a Type 2 Insulin Dependent Diabete and am seeing signs of improved Diabete control at night (something I didn't expect). I will continue to monitor this.

I want to thank Paul and his team and to recommend far and wide the solution to my snoring. If it works for me (having tried everything else) it will work for anyone.

Great result and a very big thank you. "


"When I received my anti-snoring appliance, I wore it that night and the results were truly amazing – I never snored and I hardly moved in bed. I woke up fresh and felt I had a good night’s sleep."
J Ruddell